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Welcome to The Translational Neuro-Electronics lab website!

As our understanding of the brain’s physiology and pathology progresses, increasingly sophisticated technologies and techniques are required to advance discoveries in neuroscience and develop more effective approaches to treating brain disease. 

The broad field of neuroelectronics involves the coupling of electronics with neural tissue, from individual neurons to large neural networks. This field is inherently multidisciplinary, as it requires integration of materials science (design, characterization, and fabrication of biocompatible devices), electronics engineering (integration of acquisition electronics with such devices), neuroscience (designing experiments, testing devices, and analyzing data from animal models), and medicine (translation of devices and discoveries to clinical diagnostics and therapeutics).

On behalf of our lab members I welcome you to our Lab's webpage and hope that you will enjoy your visit.


Dion Khodagholy

*We would like to express our gratitude to Mr. Osmo Rauhala for allowing us to use his art in this website.

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